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Ten Good Reasons to Switch to Electronic Cigarettes

Are you still undecided about moving to e-cigarettes, or do you want a quick reminder of why you began vaping?

Consider the following

1. No tobacco, tar, and toxins that come with with tobacco smoking

Electronic cigarettes do not have any tobacco. That means you will still have your dose of nicotine, but you will not have to ingest the 4000+ chemicals, including 40 plus carcinogens, which are produced when you burn tobacco. You also get the same hand-to-mouth routine of smoking that you’re accustomed to.

2. No disgusting smell

Electronic cigarettes do not release that irritating smoke smell which adheres to your clothes, hair, furniture, etc. You may smell the nice and sweet aroma of vanilla or strawberry e-liquids, but it won’t linger, though you may wish it did!

3. Zero ash

Due to the fact that there is no combustion or flame, there will be no ash and no cigarette butts to take care of. Your household will be so happy!

4. No hand-me-down smoke

The mist from e-cigarettes, though smoke-like, is nothing but water vapor that immediately dissipates.

5. Different nicotine strengths to regulate your intake

E-liquids may be bought in varied nicotine strengths, from zero to high. This gives you more control over your nicotine consumption. You can, for example, start with the level you were used to when you smoked regular cigarettes, then decrease it gradually.

6. Vaping freedom almost anytime and anywhere!

You can vape almost anywhere because there is no hand-me-down smoke produced. This may hotels, restaurants, bars and even offices. You don’t have to go outside and stand under the smoking sun or in the freezing cold just to get a smoking break.

7. Less damaging to the environment

Discarded cigarettes are usually the reason behind accidental fires that put lives at risk, destroy properties, and pollute Mother Earth. Electronic cigarettes eliminate such risks and are friendlier to the environment..

8. Socially acceptable

These days, more and more individuals have grown more conscious regarding their health. Due to smoking bans, people have to go out of a building and grab their smoke while standing in some isolated area. Also, nonsmokers usually complain whenever a smoker does light up a cigarette.

If you smoke electronic cigarettes, you will be able to enjoy the company of your nonsmoker friends, and they will even be happy for you.

9. No bad breath or nicotine stains on your teeth

Electronic cigarettes will not make your teeth turn yellow or give your breath that nasty stench.

10. Great variety of e-liquid flavors

Finally, one of the best benefits of switching to vaping is the great variety of e-liquids you can choose from. There are so many e-liquid flavors available – from tobacco variants to cherry to cappuccino and a lot more fascinating flavors, and it’s totally up to you which one you want.

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8 Lessons Learned: Telephones

Five Reasons You Should Hire a Business Telephone Answering Service

Based on statistics, more than 60% of people who are received by an answering machine would not leave a message and simply hang up. If you are busy with other calls or not in the office, new business can be lost if a prospective client could not speak to a live person. This is where telephone an answering service comes in, and there are very good reasons you should get them for your business.

Constantly Available

Your calls may be taken on overflow at daytime business hours, meaning you will never miss a call even if you are busy helping other clients. In terms of out of hours calls, can you imagine how many you might miss if you don’t use an out-of-hours answering service? The era of working Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm is long gone. Plenty of companies are shocked to learn how many calls they miss once their office is closed..

More Cost-effective than a Full-Time Receptionist

The service is certainly cheaper in comparison to a full-time receptionist. How exactly? If you hire a receptionist, you can spend a lot without getting full value for money, considering they will likely not be productive enough for the entire span of their shift. If you use a telephone answering service, you will only pay for the times they are actually working for you. Therefore, if nobody calls you on a certain day, you pay nothing.

Projects Professionalism

If you select a good answering service, your calls will be handled in a professional manner, according to any particular instructions you may have for the staff, such as using your preferred company greeting. The party calling will never have an idea that they are talking to someone out of your office. Reputable telephone answering services can help provide and maintain a professional image for your business.

More Efficient Operations

Phone calls are some of the biggest distractions working people are exposed to. Constant interruption while you’re working breaks your momentum, and you will end up finishing even the simplest tasks twice as long as you normally could. If there are 80 calls made to your office a day, that means one person will take at least 1 call with 4-minute intervals.

Trusty Disaster Recovery Service

Finally, with everything run in-house, you are basically putting yourself at the mercy of your telephone, power, Internet provider. With any of these down – which isn’t exactly a rare scenario – then you have no recourse but to stop making or accepting calls or working on any orders. When you use a telephone answering service, then you know a backup strategy will be available and ready at your disposal. This allows you to keep taking your calls while the issue is being resolved. In short, disruption to your business may be kept to a minimum.

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Getting To The Point – Brokers

Factors to Consider when Looking for Your Business Broker

While selling their businesses, numerous people prefer to use the services of business realtors. Although you can sell your business on your own; there are high chances that you have limited experience and spare time to do that on your own. A low performance may prevent the successful sale of your business, and this can occur in case you perform multiple tasks simultaneously.

Therefore, in order for you to ensure that you sell your business and at a fair cost, it is important to seek the help of a sales team that comprises of competent business broker, a lawyer and accounts. Hiring experienced individuals to assist you in the sale of your company, allows you to make sure that your company goes on to perform efficiently.

It is significant for you to involve a business broker because he will provide you guidelines on advertising, prospecting and consultation. Further, many of the brokers have adequate training on accounting, operation and policy and hence they are in a better position to understand your business well and make it more salable. Their tasks as business brokers ensure that the sale process is successful, and that is there is their only focus while you deal with running your company.

For you to know if your business broker is the right one, you should emphasize that he fights for your demands and those of the seller. Although your broker might be able to sell your business; he should sell at the fairest price. Consequently, if you have doubts towards your broker, you should begin to identify another one.

Also, it is important to note the success of your company sell will be affected by your relations with your business broker. In the whole period, you should be honest and open with your agent regarding your organization. Additionally, you should make sure he will conduct the sale process honestly. This solid two-way relationship ought to be seen early especially during the time that you are selecting your broker.

The first thing that your broker should undertake is to examine your goals and arguments for selling. This is essential for establishing the foundation for a success marketing strategy that the broker will use. If your broker ignores this part; you should identify another broker.

Additionally, prospective brokers ought to attempt to comprehend the manner that your organization is run and ask for information about your company’s model. Also, within the negotiation stage, the brokers ought to be interested in the strengths and weaknesses of your business. Your broker should be known by many people and helpful to his workmates. Also, he should have a good relationship with accountants and law firms.

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Where To Start with Options and More

The Best Sprinter Vans for Electricians and Plumbers

At times, the work done by professionals such as electricians as well as plumbers can be a bit difficult and complicated. This is because they require a lot of tools as well as equipment that require to be moved from one place to another. These sprinter vans are very essential for these professionals as they can get to transport all their equipment and move from one place to another very comfortably. By having a huge cargo space in them, these vans are deemed to be suitable for such kind of professionals. It is easy for on to store their equipment here when they are going to work without fear of it filling up easily. In doing so, one can get a lot of free space to carry anything they want except tools.

These vans avail the opportunity for the owner to opt between using a gas engine or a diesel one. This is very beneficial as one can turn to diesel as its gets great mileage among all other fuels used by the engines. One can be bale t o customize their Mercedes Benz sprinter van to their own liking. There is plenty of space on these vans and one can add their own touches by including shelves, workbenches, containers as well as cabinets for storing tools. This way, one is able to be organized at all times by sorting their equipment appropriately.

The ceiling height of these vans from the floor is usually seven feet. This gives a plumber or an electrician space especially when they are busy looking for a tool they have misplaced in the cargo space. This way, they won’t have to crawl when they on loading their vans or arranging their stuff as they can stand straight due to the ceiling height. In doing so, one can be very comfortable while on their feet without having any hindrance or obstacles in their way.

Unlike normal utility vans, these sprinter vehicles can easily maneuver other vans while in traffic. While on the road, these vans can pass through any narrow space as well as when parking. With a lot of ease, these sprinters can be able to maneuver roads that are winding. These vans promote flexibility as they help the plumbers to get to their destinations as soon as they are called without any difficulty.

The designs of these vehicles is usually magnificent as great craftsmanship is required in their manufacture. One can rely on these vans for their job needs as they are very efficient in terms of storage space. While on the road, one is assured of not incurring many repair expenses due to the great design of these vehicles.

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Case Study: My Experience With Automobiles

Why are Sprinter Vans More Reliable as Work Vehicles?

Looking for a perfect work vehicle might take time before you can find one that is perfect for your needs. People who need work vehicles are usually already thinking up of the vehicle features that would best fit their requirements. Most buyers would definitely want a not so expensive vehicle. A sprinter van is an affordable vehicle because they have parts that are cheap and easy to find. You may be looking at other vehicles that can also be what you need but if you study a sprinter van carefully, you might find it the perfect solution for your needs.

People who look for work vehicles usually look for the sturdy kinds that can handle whatever you put inside of them, however heavy they are. Work vehicles can be used for hauling things such as lumber, laundry, flowers, etc, and you can use the vehicle for passengers as well. Then the vehicle that you need should be capable and enhanced enough to be able to accommodate both passengers and cargo. You can choose some cheap vehicle that will serve the purpose but is not built to last, but it is more economical to choose a vehicle that can be relied upon for many years.

Sprinter vans are cargo vehicles but they are not your average type one. These vans were built to carry things that you need without sacrificing speed, maneuverability, and functionality. It has a big space inside so that you are able to stand and walk around inside when you are loading or unloading your vehicle.

Sprinter vans are also very efficient on gas. It doesn’t burn much fuel like a regular vehicle if they were to carry the same cargo that the sprinter van is carrying. When you compare sprinter vans with other work vehicles, you will find them lasting longer and performing better than the rest. For those who are still using their regular vehicle to carry heavy cargo for business, you should start switching to a better work vehicle which is the sprinter van to help you in carrying cargo for your business needs.

Even when a sprinter van is filled to its capacity weight, it is able to handle the extra work demanded of it because their engines were designed to do so. You will be able to haul anything from two thousand to five thousand pounds easily, although it depends on the year and model of the sprinter van you decide to purchase. It is recommended to visit a local dealer of sprinter vans so you can see what brands and models are available before you make a purchase. A thorough inspection inside and outside the van of your choice is recommended. The van’s specifications are very important. Find out what the gas mileage per gallon ration is.

Source: http://www.americancarpoint.com/what-to-look-out-for-when-buying-a-used-van/